Thursday, July 26, 2012

For Sale:

Pulled these off the Shovel I bought recently. They cleaned up nicely, but aren't 100% perfect. The left side tank has a small dent along the bottom and a couple small rust spots. The dent is removable through the filler hole, but that's on the new owner. It appears to me that the original owner of my shovel replaced his original FXS tanks with these. They appear to be OEM Harley factory paint  and each tank still has the grey HD liner inside. The right tank has a straight crossover nipple, the left has the post '81 90 degree nipple. So, I think the right tank is off a 1980 Sturgis and the left is off an '81 (or '82). These are great tanks and would be awesome for a restoration or to just run. Email me at theh8ter AT hotmail DOT com for pricing or to make me an offer.